Hurley’s Jinx

I’m wading through the shallows (where the heck are the depths?) of a draft
I’ll be stammering through for a colloquium Friday afternoon, the same draft
carrying forward to CCCC in San Francisco two weeks from tomorrow.  But I
did break for Lost.  Tonight’s Hurley-centric episode turned open
the millionaire’s jinxed numerology.  I was tempted to post the string of
digits here, but I passed on that idea for fear that, well…I don’t really need
to be engulfed by a sphere of bad luck.  The same string that landed him
the lottery mis-guided a cruise-liner crashing on the island in question, which explains
the odd electrical torture episode involving Sayid a few weeks ago.  None
of this makes any sense if you haven’t been following
the series
(why haven’t you been following the series?). But Hurley’s one of the more
engaging characters, and, consequently, I found his episode satisfyingly
smart and entertaining for lots of reasons, like when he declared himself "spry"
and sprang away from the trap-trigger, releasing the swinging spindle of thorny
death, just to name one.

Added: Nixlog’s gone and done it.


  1. B: What did he say?

    Me [looking up from laptop]: …uh, spright?

    B: Sprite?

    Me: Spright-ly?

    B: What? He’s sprite? Like soda?

    Me: …uh. Oh, look, there he goes! Yeah. He’s sprightly.

    B: That’s not a word!

    Me: Sure it is. It means, you know, quick like an elf, or something.

    B: You’ll have to think of something better than that.

    Thanks to you, D, now I don’t have to. 🙂 *spry!*

  2. Always glad to help out, M. All credit to the writer’s of Lost, of course, without whom I couldn’t have done this important work.

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