Why Some Weekends Go By So Quickly

Ph. indoor soccer match Sunday AM at 7:50
Run down Ph.’s uniform (call, pick a time, drive around, etc.)
Read, respond to 18 essays from WRT205ers (leafed through ’em)
Read Weinberger’s Small Pieces Loosely Joined for 711 (net-rhets) (ch.
Tax prep appointment
Set up dentist appointment
Wiki futzing (had to set up one of my own for experimentiking)
Develop/refine the assignment for essay-project two in 205
Re-read first-three chapters of Barabasi’s Linked
Regular blogging (forever ongoing)
Dig around for CCCC funding app paperwork
For 611 (comp histories):
Read ch. 5 "The Fictions of Factual Representation" and ch. 6 "The Irrational
and the Problem of Historical Knowledge in the Enlightenment" from White’s
Tropics of Discourse

Read ch. 2 "Shaping Tools: Textbooks and the Development of
Composition-Rhetoric" from Robert Connors’ Composition-Rhetoric
For 720 (making meaning)–for Tuesday morning discussion-leading,
From the MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences. 1999. On
Computational Theory of Mind, Situatedness/Embededness, and Schemata.

Phelps, Louise. “Cross-Sections in an Emerging Psychology of
Composition.” 1984.

Bransford, John and Nancy McCarrell. “A Sketch of a Cognitive Approach to
Comprehension.” 1974.
Norman, Donald. “Twelve Issues for Cognitive Science.” 1981.
Tannen, Deborah. “What’s in a Frame? Surface Evidence and Underlying
Expectations.” 1979.

Spiro, Rand. “Constructive Processes in Prose Comprehension and Recall.” 1980.

Adams, Marilyn J. and Allan Collins. “A Schema-Theoretic View of Reading.” 1979.

Plunk out notes on the whole lot (this might get dropped)
Catch a few minutes of college hoops on the TV set (this might get
dropped, too)
Leave incoherent blog comments a few carefully selected places
Pick up more Advil

So that’s most of what I’ll be doing (with lots of help from D., of course) between now and Monday night (to say
nothing of pitching in on meals, laundry, groceries, Valentining and tidying


  1. I know about it! This is a very impressive list…I’m afraid to list mine all the way out.
    I love the Weinberg, b-t-w. Waht a great book!

  2. Me, I’ve spent the entire day on ONE thing: responding to 611 project proposals. All day today and yesterday, as a matter of fact. Had a huge list of things to do over the weekend; tomorrow I’ll get to #2! Crikey.

  3. I heard that. Somehow the stack of essays from 205ers keeps getting shuffled under. But I did manage to get Ph.’s uniform, plow through taxes, read another two chapters of Weinberger, Adams and Collins on Schema-Theoretic reading, the chapter from Connors, locate my app for funding to the graduate school, pick up some Advil, and look at a few minutes of SU-Villanova this afternoon. Reading/responding to five essays now, with one more chapter of Weinberger and something on cognition to wind down the night. Steady…steady…steady…. February’s been a “crikey” month for as long as I can remember.

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