Not sure where I pickred up the link, but I keep getting drawn back to
Jim Bumgardner’s
Colr Pickrs
.  Scheme appears to be running through Flash (in concert with a PHP script?), but I haven’t
the time to dig around for clues about how the images from
Flickr are sifted,
arranged, and so on.  But I’ve got to look into it; probably won’t be able
to rest well until I dig through how it works.  Especially worth
a visit: the

urban decay



  1. D, this is very very slick. There has to be some meta data assigned to each image that allows the “picker” to associate the image with an area on the color wheel. What’s curious is how he’s able to read the image files and Flash off of the servers their located on. Is this a collaborative thing? You figure it and let us know (’cause know you’re not busy enough).

  2. Busy, yes, but horrible at prioritizing. Get pulled toward my curiosities, away from the more regimented curricular load oftentimes. End up managing the load okay, but it’s tough to investigate projects with limited technical aptitude. I have a long wish-list of ideas but limited know-how. Ah well. I’ve only been giving half attention to the flickr tagging system, anyway.

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