Met 205ers this evening.  I’ll probably jinx the whole dy-nam, but all
in all, it was one of the more encouraging first classes I can remember teaching
(which might only indicate that my memory is on the fritz).  We broke the
ice, socialized until it was too noisy, rolled through the syllabus, and set up
the more general premises of what we’ll attempt in the next 15.5 weeks.  No
need to elaborate, really, but there is something energizing about it. 
Teacherly snap.

Heard one Yike! Not that! comment about McLuhan, which sent me back to
everything I took for granted in deciding it would be a good fit for the course.
Re-composed, though, and we agreed to give it a whirl. Later, a small ugh-rumble
when I said that our only work for Thursday was to build self-profiles in the
Facebook.  Serves as a minor tech-proficiency measure and will set up later
discussions of tagging, links, and so on.  Might help me learn names more
quickly, too.  Granted, it is a bit experimental, but this group definitely
has opinions about it, and they’re willing to share them.  Perfect for a
here-ending first day of Semester.


  1. It was good for me to return to MIM, think about what McLuhan was going with in ’67. And now I’ve got _Understanding Media_ on the nightstand–though barely room for a few pages each day.

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