Over the past few months, I’ve come to appreciate the many fine features of
Firefox.  Until
today, the CSS editor (sidebar panel, where code-tuning reveals its effect
immediately) and the Web Developer (good for revealing tags, splitting out
different strata/backgrounds from a page) topped my list of favorite extensions. 
I’m also fond of Linky, Quicknote and Flowing Tabs–the abundance of ease they
bring into my net-tled life. But just now, I downloaded
Scrapbook.  Is
everyone else already using this?  It’s brilliant really, allowing multiple
sites and pages of notes to be tucked together into a custom folder–all at the
sidebar.  It enables in-tab note-editing and HTML coding of the note (for
whatever that might be worth).  And searchable.  Best
extension yet for my needs.  Works great for the dilemma of a bundle of
sites to return to that aren’t quite worthy of or other bookmarking. 
Shuttling them into the scrapbook is a cinch.  Granted, not as social as, but sometimes the mess I collect wouldn’t be polite to share, you

Picked up on one other web development today.  In

this entry
, Will Richardson at Weblogg-ed pointed me to
MSN’s beta search engine with
adjustable search criteria.  Just select "build a search," designate your
preferred conditions, and it will run the search.  But–and here’s the
bonus punch for me–add "&format=rss" to the end of the URL generated by the
search, and you have a live RSS feed, good for keeping up with the search
criteria as a subscription in Bloglines,
for example, or your aggregator of choice. We’ll put it to the test in WRT205 in
the term ahead, I think.