You’re Welcome, Coach S.

Got my rear kicked at least six or seven times by this guy. First college game I ever broke into the starting lineup (at center..WTH?  You want me to play where?) was against the Bearcats–1993.  We got busted up, to be sure; was always that way when we traveled to Lebanon, Ill. They were running a sideline break in those days.  Only beat Statham & co. once as a player.  Took ’em down at home during my junior season when they were rated #17 nationally.  Vivid for lots of good reasons; nostalgia added now that
he won praise on Sportscenter this week for being winningest coach. Just glad to

Always more to say, but I’m writing my bleary head off this week.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the memories. It has been an awesome trip!

    Also enjoyed watching your big bro in the Silverdome. Remember the double buck-buck play on the after point atempt that turned the tied of the game in the playoffs against Crystal Falls on the frozen tundra at St. Ignace?

    What more could anyone ask for in this life?

  2. Only thing I remember about St. Ignace is that it was cold. Might’ve been D.’s older brother on that double reverse though. Still have sources in BC who could give us the detailed history, stats, play by play, etc.

    And hoops, yeah, hoops was mostly good. I mentioned the old gym to somebody the other day. We were getting ready to hold a 670 meeting in a room with no heat; it was snowing outside. Grumbled that I’d spent too much time in unheated conditions, all those morning practices ago. ‘Course, at least we weren’t just sitting still, what with water-catchers to navigate and all.

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