C-Fair and Prep

D. insisted I turn off the computer, stow the books, momentarily look away
from the huge stack of essays I collected on Friday and get out of the
house.  Walk around.

2004 Westcott Cultural Fair, E. Syracuse, NY

So we headed two blocks over to the 2004 Westcott Cultural Fair, a one-day brouha
with streetitude, activism, performance. Phenomenally hep.  We could have
picked up enough "Bush Must Go" yard signs to winterize the apartment,
cover the windows, tile the floor, which is really on my mind b/c the outdoors
dipped to 41 F last night, and the indoors weren’t far from it. Scarf? And those
signs, they’re everywhere.  Pleasant relief, So. Platte County (Mo.) with
its strict ban on eclecticism this is not.

But we didn’t collect any stuff in Westcott, as such.  Instead, we each
gulped a cheeseburger (it really was gulpably drippy, greasewet).  I’m back
home now:  touching up my Fouctastic handout
for tomorrow evening’s ten minutes on The Order of Things and,
too, flipping through the Nature section in Composition in Four Keys for
Wednesday, planning a drive to Kinkos and thinking about how I’m going to fit
ten hours of work into the six hours I have before bedtime.


  1. How might you pronounce “Fouctastic?” 🙂 (Since I’m all about making sure things are said properlaaay.) [foook-tass-tik] ? Or somebody lazy might say [fuk-tas-tik]?

  2. I’ve tried to hold off saying it aloud; figure the pronunciation will ring clear when the prof shouts: “dmueller, this is Fouctastic!” *Pinch*

    It really is an important question, one I’m not sure I have worked out yet. Since it’s in the polyglot Franco-American tradition, I’d probably go with [fooh-tha-STEEK] (emph on the final syllable and no clue why “tha” in the middle). But then I don’t speak French, so I’m really just making stuff up. Too bad cgb’s out of town; we could ask him. And in the meantime, for fun, I’ll prefer the most lascivious rendering, [fuk-tas-tic], until a blog-reader with a Fouctionary can turn up something authoritative.

  3. i love it! it’s almost conclusive. more evidence that “truth is absolute, but humankind doesn’t have the capacity to understand it.”

    Have you heard any good “bushshit” lately?


  4. I stopped paying attention three+ weeks ago. So no, nothing presidential on my mind just now. But we did talk about mathesis and taxonomia as the *hedges* to the table in the 17th c. Slid from _The Order of Things_ to _The Order of Words and Things and MGD_ in under three hours.

  5. Yo, Derek… We need to re-connect. My Rhetorica address is still primary, but you can also reach me at: arc656f -at- smsu.edu

    Later… –Andy

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