Into the Engine

EWM’s been called to service for the following keyphrase searches so far this
September.  It’s no easy job being a connected, searchable blog.

cat leg shake | Cats need exercise too.
kansas city ethiomart | Kansas side, on Shawnee Mission Parkway west of
I-35.  Big bags of injeta.
pizza hut wingstreet | Breaded and gristly and deep-fried.  And no
lemon pepper flavor, like Wingstop has (if you must eat wings).
becoming a licensed psychic | Can you tell what I’m thinking?
moth kansas explode | Time on your hands, eh?
que es plagiarismo | Copying of the most reprehensible kind.
picture his long toenails | Say cheese?
list of 2004 email addresses of members of associations of earth moving
machines in u s a
| Nothing turned up, did it?
taylorism advantages | Well, there’s efficiency for one.
when i grow up exemplification essay | "When I grow up…"
i wish you good luck | Thanks.  Same to you.
chemicals in wonka nerd rope | Sweet, sugary chemicals.  Chemicals
taste good.  No matter to me how they glue the Nerds to the rope, that’s
some damn fine candy.
stories dentist mouth drill chair | Really, Doc, floss away, hard as you
rice moth music
| What the heck?  At EWM?


  1. What a small world?! I love WDET 101.9 FM and I get it on a real radio along with PBS Ann Arbor & Toledo. Better yet, I can also tune into Canadian radio, radio, radio….

    Hmmmm…. The things that make you go hmmmm…. That brings back childhood memories of Canadian radio, radio, radio…. As a child, with childhood memories(reminds me of a speech by GWB), growing up on Drummond island, the first TV station we could pick up was Channel 2 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. That was back in ’58. There was lots of snow and it was all in black in white. Maybe it was in various shades of gray, however, there was always lots of snow. Do I sound like I’m flip flopping?

    It works if you’re a gymnast. Maybe even a football player (he vaulted into the end zone)! A basketball player (he stole the ball). A business CEO (he turned it around and the price of the stock incresed 300%) Some of my favorite people are flip floppers, including me.

    Ancient Chinese Proverb: He who is stuck in the mud shall remain stuck in the mud, unless he can flip flop his way out of it. – solly, I lied this was really written by pops.

    PS Have you ever seen a dinosaur that could flip flop?

  2. Dinosaur. Pretty sure I haven’t, but during summers on Drummond we did take in a fair amount of Lawrence Welk and Sixty Minutes through the fuzz of the B&W set that barely picked up the Soo’s broadcast. Lasting visions of Welk bringing the big band jams set against Andy Rooney. You say flip flop; for me, raised on juxtaposition.

  3. I’ve been grooving on WAER, the local jazz/NPR station lately. Trying to localize my audio-sphere for a while. But yeah, those Canadien rockers…

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