Go to work, St. Joe

Do your thing, Joseph!We’re
resorting to witchcraft to get this house to sell.  Legend says a small statuette
of Saint
(the Builder, the Worker, etc.), planted upside down and feet toward
the road, will expedite the transaction.  I guess it’s spun out of the
"no room at the Inn" problem.  Need a place to stay?  Try
this house.  We looked around for a small figurine a few weeks ago, but
didn’t find one.  Dismissed it as mere voodoo and superstition,
anyway.  But a package arrived yesterday; D’s sister came through for us,
sending this little guy from Colorado Springs.  Since nothing else is
working, I troweled a small hole, positioned him just so, filled it in, and
packed it with my heel.


  1. Oh my! I haven’t heard that one before. I can just see the new kids in the house digging in the back yard and finding body parts….or perhaps the dog:-)

  2. We’ll leave it until the house sells. After that, I guess we have the option of digging it up or leaving it in the ground, according to the lore. Of course, if it sells swiftly, we’ll probably want to keep the idol for future use.

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