1. Because I grew up an Atlanta Hawks fan in the 1980s, I initially found it somewhat strange to cheer for the Pistons, but eventually really got into it.

    I’d pretty much given up on pro hoops until this week. Now I might be able to watch it again.

  2. I grew up rooting for the Bad Boys, enjoying their success while much of the non-Michigan sports world frowned on them in the late 80’s. This finals was so riveting because the Pistons did it without a bona fide all-star. I definitely enjoyed it more because it was the Pistons, but I would’ve pulled for any team against the Lakers. It’s something about the spirit of the Lakers franchise, the legacy piled on with their latest grab-an-all-star approach to player personnel. Their greatness is all over the game (much like the Yankees), which stirs my predilection for underdogs and my distrust of immodest, swaggering empire.

    And I’m with you about giving up on pro hoops. I can’t get into the lackluster regular season, especially when it’s pitted against better-played NCAA action. Of course, maybe some of the talent-loaded NBA squads will follow Detroit’s example by stepping up the defense and running simpler, share-the-ball offensive sets.

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