Pick Up Your Feet

Okay, so I downloaded the Stumbleupon toolbar, filled out a profile, personalized
the algorithm using a series of thumbsups and thumbsdowns, then set off,
scuffle-shuffling through the web space, one misstep at a time. 
Upside?  I found this.
Bizarre and cool.  Low moment? Barbara
Streisand’s blog
popped up. I could have done without that.  My early
resolve: Stumble is fascinating, oddly engrossing.  But I haven’t figured
out the social dimension–the searches by like-minded association.  I’m
resistant to the idea that I can codify my searches in ways that might be
useful to other people. 

Update, 9:02 p.m.: Rethinking my musical aptitude. Got these kats techno-bobbin’! Best combo is 5-6-C-B (five beats between).